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Floss bands, more widely known as “Voodoo Floss”, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Originally considered an insider tip for ambitious bodybuilders and CrossFitters, they have now become accessible to a larger audience. www.functional-flossing.com

Greater Than's sports drinks are made with coconut water, juice, and sea salt. The greatness comes from the simplicity of the ingredients. www.drinkgt.com

Stronger Faster Healthier is not just the name of a company, they produce a product that is truly healthy that makes me stronger and faster. They use Stevia not sucralose to sweeten their product, just one small area where I am happy they aren't skimping. Clean ingredients, clean living and tasty too! www.sfh.com

Need a jump rope for competition? Need one for everyday WODs? Well I've used RX jump ropes since I can remember and they are the best jump ropes on the market. Made by RX Smart Gear to endure your WODs and with components that are easy to change as you grow as an athlete. Having the right jump rope is integral to getting your times faster and being more competitive. Do yourself a favor and invest in some RX Smart Gear. www.rxsmartgear.com

"TO SAVE LIVES THROUGH THE EARLY DETECTION OF BREAST CANCER, REGARDLESS OF ONE'S AGE, GENDER OR ABILITY TO PAY.” How could I not support a mission statement like that? Please donate today or participate in a Barbells for Boobs event. www.barbellsforboobs.org

Tu Me water contains All Natural, powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that have proven health benefits which reduce inflammation and significantly enhance post-workout recovery. Tu Me replenishes, rehydrates, and rejuvenates. It’s low calorie, refreshing and delicious. www.drinktume.com

Raw and paleo protein bars. High quality fuel for hard working athletes and individuals. www.ohmybar.com

Delicious healthful food prepared and delivered. Made by local chefs and always free of gluten and dairy. www.territoryfoods.com

Bonnie Terry has hands of magic and love. She has sponsored the care and maintenance of my body this season with weekly massages. Have you plateaued in your workout? Time to treat your body to some not so tender loving care. This isn't a sweet gentle massage – time to get those kinks out!

Recovery and cryotherapy. www.velocityspusa.com

Sun Lee Massage Therapy

Fitness Intervals is my timer of choice. The owners developed a simple app that is intuitive and easy to use while working out. I can easily track my times but I also have a large font that I can read from a distance. I use the Intervals app on my iPad and iPad Mini for all of my WODs. A big special thanks to Jeremy and Daryl for seeing things in me that I don't see myself. I am proud to be associated with people like them. www.fitnessintervals.com